We have a vision to be the most physically active country in the world by 2030. Maaji Nuan is almost upon us. So, what better time than May to get everyone around the country out for a walk together? Cultivate camaraderie, nature and start a trend of more movement and fun walking communities.




Everyone, let’s go out for a walk!


Something happens when we move our body. Our mood improves. Our stress levels drop. And we get more energy – both for ourselves and those around us. That is why we want to invite you – and your loved ones – to participate in a walk.

The benefits of walking cannot be underestimated. Regular walks are simply good for both physical and mental health. It relieves sleep problems, strengthens your bones, tendons and muscles, so you stay fresh and fit for longer. A walk with others is also an obvious opportunity to cultivate your social life; with your loved ones – or with new acquaintances.





Host a walk


Do you enjoy going for walks in the fresh air, sharing these experiences with others? Do you want to pass your love of walking, or running, on to others around you? Then hosting a walk might be just the thing for you! Join a strong community and help get more people out for a walk!

Host a walk and make a difference




Town contest 2021


In other words, May is about getting as many people as possible out walking and preferably together. But why not spice it up with a little contest between towns and villages? In week 21, there is a contest to see which town or village can walk (or run) the most kilometres in a week. Everyone can participate, regardless of their age and physical fitness! Do you want your home town to win the town contest 2021?

How to participate in the town contest




Travel gift card of DKK 2,000 from Air Greenland


A gorgeous bag full of clothes and merchandise


A gorgeous bag full of clothes and merchandise



1. Take a picture or video while you are out walking or running!

2. Share it as a comment to this post and hashtag #AALASA

You are now in the competition!

The winners will be contacted directly and announced on 1 June on our Facebook page!



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