Ski Federation

Greenland Ski Federation is the oldest federations in Greenland and was founded in 1969. It happened when the then chaiman of GIF Daniel Skifte reformed the federation and took the initiative to founding the federation.

Greenland Ski Federation is later divided into alpine and cross-country committees. The federation is not a member of the International Ski Federation FIS, but Greenland skiers have participated in the Olympics and World Cup under the Danish flag.

The national championships are held every year for juniors, seniors and oldboys. There are also Childrens Cup during the national championships.

Kontakt Info

Siulittaasoq: Timooq Mølgaard
Telefon: (+ 299) 92 19 02
Mobil: (+299) 58 81 88

Formand for Snowboard & Freestyle Ski: Lenn Lennert


2. August 2015


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